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About the Song:
“Light A Candle In The Wind” was written as a tribute to the courage of children everywhere facing the most adverse circumstances.

“Light A Candle In The Wind” has been performed numerous times by various children’s choirs, often in a candle-light setting. Children relate to this song in a very remarkable way. They learn the lyrics and music easily, and sing each note with confidence. Their poignant performances are amazingly inspirational and never fail to touch the hearts of their audience.

The creation of this song was a spiritual journey from the very first moment the idea was conceived through the final stages of production. May its spirit continue to light the way for all who hear it.

“Forever may it shine.”

Washington, D.C. Performance:
In September 1997, Composers Unlimited Inc.™ and featured vocalist, Tim Colleran, were invited to attend a candle-lighting ceremony in Washington, D.C. Accompanied by the Maryland Boys Choir, Tim performed “Light A Candle In The Wind” on the steps of the Capitol Building. Tim’s grand performance along with the Maryland Boys Choir created an emotional experience that will long be remembered by all who attended the event.

Behind the Scenes:
Recording and Production “Light A Candle In The Wind” was recorded at Musicians Development Institute in Plymouth, MA. 10 adults and 25 local children, ranging in ages 3 to 18, were recruited for the adult and children’s choirs to accompany featured vocalist, Tim Colleran.

On cue, the recording session began. Tim took the lead, supported by the adult choir, which was followed by the children’s choir. As their voices blended together in unison, the clarity of the individual voices came through. It wasn’t long before it became clear to all involved that this was an extraordinary event. Each child, from the youngest to the oldest, sang with confidence, precision, and heart. The recording of “Light A Candle In The Wind” far exceeded expectations. It will indeed be, “A candle that lights the way, forever and a day”.

Featured Vocalist:
The phenomenal voice of Tim Colleran is rich and true as he sings “Light a Candle in the Wind” with profound compassion. When combined with the blended beauty of the adult choir and the astounding maturity of the children’s choir, the song inspires a true message of hope and courage.

Adult Choir:
Phyllis Antonelli • Rita Brace • Corinne Brennan • Tracy Devine • Brianne Forrest • Kate Hart • David Harte • Jasalyne Harte • Kim McDonough • Greg T. Smith.

Children’s Choir:
Jade Antonelli • Derek Back • Michaela Barrett • Allison Cartwright • Adam DeCoste • Tracy Devine • Brianne Forrest • Suzanne Fratus • Jason Hart • Jasalyne Harte • Nicole Hupp • Larry Hutchinson • Brandon Martin • Samantha McDonough • Kelsey Randall • Meaghan Randall • Amanda Raymond • Cameron Raymond • Jen Schaefer • Jenni Sullivan • Tiana Warner • Matthew White • Nichole White • Jayme Yen • Kristin Yen.

The Art of the Music:
Recorded, mixed, & mastered at MDI Productions, Plymouth, MA 02360, • Produced by Bob Yen, Jr. • Engineered by Bob Yen, Jr. & Greg T. Smith • Assistant Engineer: Warren Hart • Bob Yen, Jr.: keys, mandolin • Greg T. Smith: guitars, drum programming.

Cover Art/Graphics:
Original artwork: Aimee Dieterle, • © 1996 J.R. • Revised artwork and text layout by Infehnite Design, of Kingston, MA 02364. • © 2008 CUI* • © MMVIII • Composers Unlimited, Inc.™

Printing/Publishing/Additional Info:
Printing: • CD Manufacturer: • ASCAP • (p)1996 Composers Unlimited, Inc.™, P.O. Box 372220, Satellite Beach, FL 32937 • World Rights Reserved • Made In USA.

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