Greeting Cards

Vocalist Elizabeth Alves takes you on a tour of City Square. Elizabeth’s beautiful and powerful voice exquisitely coupled with a myriad of instrumentation will sweep you away into the scene she describes. The haunting sound of the sitar played by talented guitarist Kevin Murphy further helps to guide you to a place of international wonder.

The exuberant voices of vocalists Cheryl DeVaux and Bob Yen Jr. invite you to pack your bags and go on a “fun-in-the-sun-getaway” to Daytona Beach. Cheryl and Bob capture the fun times and magical picturesque moments with shared enthusiasm.

"Drifting and Sailing" on open waters and feeling "at one with the sea" was the inspiration for this song. The best way to describe this sailing adventure is by the words expressed in the song itself.

The song "Envision" was inspired by a series of flight delays and cancellations. While awaiting a connecting flight, passenger #75 on the "stand-by list" recalled a friend’s suggestion to manifest what was needed in life.

Our dreams keep us close to the ones we love even when there are many miles between us. We dream of our memories of yesterday and our hopes for new tomorrows. "i dream of you " was written especially for those missing a loved one.

"Light A Candle In The Wind" was written as a tribute to the courage of children everywhere facing the most adverse circumstances.

Gazing wistfully into space, she whispers softly, "Oh Mon Cher, I think about you since you held me in your arms and said you cared." Although he is miles away; he hears her words and remembers the joy of being with her.

"So Grateful" is a celebration of the challenges we have conquered and a show of appreciation for the gifts we receive. Life is a journey and every journey has moments of trials and tribulations as well as victories.

About the Song: There are few moments in life more pivotal than the proposal of two people spending a lifetime as one. "The Answer is Yes" was written especially in honor of this joyful and memorable event.