Drifting and Sailing














About The Song:
“Drifting and Sailing” on open waters and feeling “at one with the sea” was the inspiration for this song. The best way to describe this sailing adventure is by the words expressed in the song itself.

“Drifting and Sailing, the world passes by
Colors of reds, golden hues, blues reflecting the sky”

“A world filled with wonderful, marvelous sights to be seen
Drifting and Sailing, a mid summers day dream”

Behind the Scenes:
Cheryl DeVaux’s lilting vocals and Bob Yen, Jr’s brilliant guitar solo echoing a whale serenade provide the wind in your sails for this romantic, sea-going voyage. Surrounded by playful dolphins and the wondrous sights of colorful sea life in the crystal-clear water below, you will feel the gentle breeze caress your skin and the salt spray kiss your senses as you sail into the peaceful ocean world of “Drifting and Sailing.”

The Art of the Music:
Recorded, mixed, & mastered at MDI Productions, Plymouth, MA 02360, www.mdi-productions.com • Produced by Bob Yen, Jr. • Engineered by Bob Yen, Jr. & Greg T. Smith • Bob Yen, Jr.: background vocals, guitar, keys • Greg T. Smith: background vocals • Kevin Murphy: bass • Cheryl DeVaux: background vocals.

Cover Art/Graphics:
All original hand-drawn artwork and text layout by Infehnite Design www.infehnitedesign.com of Kingston, MA 02364 • Sailboat Artwork Consultant: Don Hayes • © 2008 CUI.* • © MMVIII • *Composers Unlimited, Inc.™

Printing/Publishing/Additional Info:
Printing: www.midlanticprinting.com • CD Manufacturer: www.nimbit.com • ASCAP • (p)2008 Composers Unlimited, Inc.™, P.O. Box 372220, Satellite Beach, FL 32937 • World Rights Reserved • Made In USA.

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